About the Project

Big Data in Psychological Assessment (BDPA) is an interdisciplinary and international project with the goal to better connect the worlds of psychology and computer science. Within this project, the project partners develop intellectual outputs to five broad topics that aim at introducing students to the world of work in the 21th century. Students learn to understand the processes behind machine learning and its advantages as well as pitfalls such as potential biases and ethical issues. This ERASMUS+ founded project will generate free and easy to adapt learning modules that teachers can use for introducing their students to the topics covered in the five intellectual outputs of this project.

Our Partners

Saarland University is a medium sized university in the border region of Germany and France. The department of industrial and organizational psychology leads the BDPA project and brings in its experience in the intersection between psychology and com


We are the Institute of Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. We provide innovative research reaching from basic methodological and theoretical issues in organizational psychology to highly topical questions with reference to current practical


TU Delft is the oldest and largest university of technology in the Netherlands, hosting research and education in a comprehensive scope of engineering disciplines. In the BDPA project, TU Delft will contribute Computer Science expertise on multimodal


Owiwi is a fun and engaging psychometric tool that accurately measures candidate soft skills. Think of a combination of advanced scientific methodology packed within an immersive game that millennials enjoy taking part in. We take away the stress in


The European Personnel Selection Office is a European inter-institutional office. Its mission is to serve the EU institutions by providing high quality, efficient and effective selection procedures that enable them to recruit the right person, for th


PRECIRE predicts communicative effects, emotions and psychological traits based on speech. The magnitude of information hidden in communication is far greater than immediately apparent. PRECIRE identifies and decodes text patterns to assess communica


GITP supports professional and personal development by offering insight into talents and abilities and by facilitating development. We employ approximately 150 consultants who work across Europe.


TestCentral, is the Romanian leading publisher of psychological assessment solutions. Psychological tests developed or adapted and published by our company are used today by over 4,000 psychologists in Romania, in over 2,000 organizations.



21st century employees

This module introduces learners to the changes and challenges of 21th century work. For instance, it covers 21th century skills, generational differences, and an introduction to machine learning and psychology.

Advanced technology for psychological assessment

This module aims to increase literacy of social scientists regarding multimodal data-driven psychological assessment techniques. It focuses on understanding state-of-the-art literature, and gaining hands-on experience in data acquisition and processing.

Judgemental bias, fairness, and discrimination

To achieve fair selection procedures, the strengths and pitfalls of machine learning and psychological assessment are studied here, aiming to reduce bias and adverse impact in recruitment and selection.

Skills training cluster

This module builds upon IO2 and provides further training on machine learning skills for psychological practice. Students learn to use their knowledge to develop their own modern tools for psychodiagnostics.

Assessor vs. algorithm

Students learn to integrate their knowledge from the other IOs. Specifically, they learn how machines, algorithms and humans can work together to produce the best possible outcomes.